Green Shopping in Prague – Eastern European Natural Cosmetics

Prague is a cultural melting pot for art, music, architecture and handcrafts.  Organic living may not take the top priority in Prague.  However, if you are willing to explore the organic stores in Prague, you will discover some alternative cosmetics brands you can rarely find in Paris and Rome.

This organic shop, BIOOO, in a big shopping mall near a train station, Náměstí Republiky, is thoughtfully designed and it offers diverse cosmetics brands ranging from internationally well-known ones to eastern European ones.

Natural living pursuers are so much concerned about the ingredients in the bottles.  I really enjoy the shopping processes, reading through the ingredient list and comparing one to the other.  It loses some meanings to consult a staff and let her give you whatever she thinks would be right for you.  Self-serve would be more appropriate.













Mýdlárna Rubens is a very popular regional soap brand in Czech Republic. The soap factory is located in a fairytale national park, Česko-Saského Švýcarska. Their soaps are proudly made with their own original family recipe invented more than a hundred year ago.



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