Homemade Raw Fresh Soapnut Shampoo for all hair types

No matter you have volume lustrous hair or you start concerning your thinning hair, try this natural soapnut shampoo.  I just begin replacing my other homemade shampoo with this soapnut extract.  I can already feel the change of the texture of my hair after first-time use.  Soapnuts have  a natural surfactant, Saponin, within the shells.  It cleans effectively and gently. Soapnuts have a rich natural source of vitamin A, E and iron.

In Ayurveda practises soapnuts are used as an ingredient in shampoos and different skincare cleansers.   They help maintaining healthy hair by treating headlice, dandruff and hair-loss.  In Ayurvedic beauty remedies, they can relieve mild to moderate skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, eliminate fine lines and freckles and heal cracked skin.


For About 200ml Extract We would need:

– Soapnuts 10 pieces / Soapnuts powder 10 teaspoons*

– Water 1 cup

– Tea Tree/ Rosemary/ Lemon Oil 20-30 drops as a preservatives

Step 1: Cut soapnuts into small pieces.  You can reuse the small soapnut pieces again until it doesn’t release brown liquid anymore. * You can also make your own soapnut powder by blending soapnuts in a food processor.  Soapnut powder takes less time to release the cleansing agent from within, Saponin.

IMG_2899 IMG_2901












Step 2: Pour water slowly in the pot with soapnut pieces inside.  See the bubbles?  The Saponin is coming out.

Cover the pot with the lid and adjust to low fire.  Boil the mixture for 15 minutes.  When the extract turns brown, the darker the more dense it is.  Don’t get the lid off the pot and let it set until it cools down to room temperature.





















Step 3: Strain the mixture into a container.  Add 10 drops of Tea Tree/ Rosemary/ Lemon oil as a preservatives.  Tea Tree are Rosemary oil are known with their anti-figual and anti-bacterial properties treating headlice and dandruff.  Mix it well.













Here is your 100% homemade shampoo and body wash.  It will definitely more condensed if the soapnuts are first ground into powder.  If you want it a bit thicker, simply put less water.



The extract is completely different than commercial shampoos.  It is comparatively watery and it really hurts if it gets into your eyes.  Anyway, it is worth using it when you use it wisely and see the result it gives to your hair.





brown sugar scrub

Add brown sugar to the soapnut extract to make a thick paste which works great as a face scrub removing dead skin cells and impurities on you face.


Green Shopping in Prague – Eastern European Natural Cosmetics

Prague is a cultural melting pot for art, music, architecture and handcrafts.  Organic living may not take the top priority in Prague.  However, if you are willing to explore the organic stores in Prague, you will discover some alternative cosmetics brands you can rarely find in Paris and Rome.

This organic shop, BIOOO, in a big shopping mall near a train station, Náměstí Republiky, is thoughtfully designed and it offers diverse cosmetics brands ranging from internationally well-known ones to eastern European ones.

Natural living pursuers are so much concerned about the ingredients in the bottles.  I really enjoy the shopping processes, reading through the ingredient list and comparing one to the other.  It loses some meanings to consult a staff and let her give you whatever she thinks would be right for you.  Self-serve would be more appropriate.













Mýdlárna Rubens is a very popular regional soap brand in Czech Republic. The soap factory is located in a fairytale national park, Česko-Saského Švýcarska. Their soaps are proudly made with their own original family recipe invented more than a hundred year ago.


Craft all natural hair conditioners and your exotic hair-care routine

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The following hair beauty recipes are referring to traditional hair remedies but simplified to be more easy to use.  It improves the heath of your hair and relieves tangled hair.  You can adjust them according to your personal preferences and … Continue reading

3 seconds to make after-bath body cream with Only avocado oil

I have to first clarify that it is different from the commercial body cream which you can find in the cosmetics stores, but it works even better than those commercial body cream.

It is mainly made of avocado oil.  Avocado oil contains a high concentration of antioxidants, such as vitamin E and essential fatty acid.

Vitamin E is a super antioxidant for skin.  In addition, avocado oil has very effective penetrating property, compared to many other vegetable oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.   The vitamin E penetrates into the cell wall and stimulates the cell function of diminishing the free radical substances.  You skin can result the rejuvenating and refreshing effects.

Avocado oil is well-known with its hydrating and nourishing capacity.  It goes deep into your dermal and nourishes the skin cell with the essential fatty acids: palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic, significantly increasing the amount of collagen in the skin.

The ingredients you need:

♥   Avocado Oil

♥  Water

3 seconds to make:

1. Wet your hands and pour small amount of avocado oil on your hands.

2. Rub your hands palm to palm very fast until milky-cream consistency oil occurs

3. Rub it all over your body and your face

P.S. We rub the oil on our hands to create the milky-cream consistency and then you can use less oil for the whole body.  If you would like to make it very light, dont towel dry your skin after shower and apply it on your wet body. Then the milky cream consistency oil will not leave any film on your skin.

From my experience of using it as after-bath body cream, my skin feels moist and soft even in the dry winter.  If you apply it when your body is still wet, the feeling is very light and not oily at all.

How to choose Avocado oil:

The avocado oil with a high density of nutrients should be dark yellow and slightly green and have very strong avocado scent.   The consistency is thicker than olive oil.  If you can trace some particles of avocado, it is the best.






Volume Mysterious Black or Silky Shiny Blonde Hair Natural Therapy – Black Sesame

Volume Mysterious Black or Silky Shiny Blonde Hair Natural Therapy – Black Sesame

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The Chinese and the nutritional perspective on the beauty value of Goji berries

Since I was a kid, my mum always prepared Chinese Goji soup or Goji tea.  She believes it would lay a good foundation for healthy skin.  I have been eating Goji berries for more than 15 years and assume it as a very traditional Chinese food for medicine or health.  However, surprisingly, I found it in a local organic supermarket in Berlin.  It originates from Mainland China.

From Chinese wellness viewpoint, it is perfect for everyone.  The beauty values fascinate all girls are enhancing skin complexion, nourishing feminine organs (Yin) and improving eyesight.  A Chinese doctor explains Goji can help your skin to absorb more oxygen to improve pigmentation and lighten your skin tone.  Goji also addresses the eyesight problems due to the deficiency of the liver blood.  Goji is also an essential health food for female.  It nourishes the feminine organs (Yin) and stimulate the blood generation which is the key to Anti-aging.  Women age faster than men, because we have menstrual bleeding which causes the deficiency of vital energy.

From nutritional viewpoint, Goji is a natural hormone supplement to encourage your body to generate more hormones for cell renewal.  Goji has a variety of fatty acids which are the ‘motor oil’ for the production of Hormones.  Hormones which influence our emotions and the health of our skin are produced in the female genital organs such as ovaries and adrenal glands.

In addition, Goji has the nutrients beneficial to your skin.

1. 8 essential amino acids for your body

2. Rich in minerals ( Vegetarians need it to supplement)

3. Rich in protein, 13%

4. Crazily high in vitamin C and high in multi-vitamins : the vitamin C content is higher than that in oranges.

Chinese physicians and nutritionists perceive the beauty value of Goji in a different way but finally reach the same conclusion that Goji has the nutrients the female genital organs need and strengthening the female genital organs leads to beautiful and healthy skin.

Here are some simple and healthy Goji recipes:

Goji & Black Sesame Muesli

Put Goji and black sesame powder into your own muesli.  The dried Goji is very chewing as dried grapes.

Goji & Daisy Tea

Soak Goji and Daisy into hot water.  Let the tea cool off to warm and add honey. Finally strain the mixture into a cup.  To get a best result, finish the Goji soaked in the hot water.

Goji Logans with Egg Sweet Soup

Slightly crack the egg to let the soup penetrate the egg inside. Place all the ingredients in the pot with boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.

*Remember to wash the Goji and Logans with cold water beforehand.  Hot water will extract the nutrients in the outer layer of the dried fruit.

Homemade petite diaphanous purse

Unfortunately I lost my wallet twice in Berlin.  I decided not to buy any wallet or purse, because I cannot tell whether it will be lost again.  Then the idea of making my own purse emerged even though I don’t have a sewing machine.  That means I have to sew by hand. Your hands are the best sewing tool.  You can control it more easily than sewing machine.  However sewing by hand takes much longer time.


The used materials: lace, tiny rose ribbon blossom, zip, a piece of fabric

Materials available in Türkischer markt, Maybacstraße Neukölln

Berlin is a city full of DIYers and has correspondingly lots of craft stores.  There is no one craft centre where you can find all the materials you may need.  The craft shops spread all over the city in flea markets, art houses, chained shopping malls, second-hand shops, fabric stores and hobby shops.

A list od needlework stores and yarn shops in Berlin:  http://worksofhands.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/berlin-germany-needlework-stores-and-yarn-shoppes-incomplete-list/