3 seconds to make after-bath body cream with Only avocado oil

I have to first clarify that it is different from the commercial body cream which you can find in the cosmetics stores, but it works even better than those commercial body cream.

It is mainly made of avocado oil.  Avocado oil contains a high concentration of antioxidants, such as vitamin E and essential fatty acid.

Vitamin E is a super antioxidant for skin.  In addition, avocado oil has very effective penetrating property, compared to many other vegetable oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil.   The vitamin E penetrates into the cell wall and stimulates the cell function of diminishing the free radical substances.  You skin can result the rejuvenating and refreshing effects.

Avocado oil is well-known with its hydrating and nourishing capacity.  It goes deep into your dermal and nourishes the skin cell with the essential fatty acids: palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic, significantly increasing the amount of collagen in the skin.

The ingredients you need:

♥   Avocado Oil

♥  Water

3 seconds to make:

1. Wet your hands and pour small amount of avocado oil on your hands.

2. Rub your hands palm to palm very fast until milky-cream consistency oil occurs

3. Rub it all over your body and your face

P.S. We rub the oil on our hands to create the milky-cream consistency and then you can use less oil for the whole body.  If you would like to make it very light, dont towel dry your skin after shower and apply it on your wet body. Then the milky cream consistency oil will not leave any film on your skin.

From my experience of using it as after-bath body cream, my skin feels moist and soft even in the dry winter.  If you apply it when your body is still wet, the feeling is very light and not oily at all.

How to choose Avocado oil:

The avocado oil with a high density of nutrients should be dark yellow and slightly green and have very strong avocado scent.   The consistency is thicker than olive oil.  If you can trace some particles of avocado, it is the best.







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