Volume Mysterious Black or Silky Shiny Blonde Hair Natural Therapy – Black Sesame

Why do men like women with long hair?  Sometimes ago I read a session about it in a book.  It explains the phenomenon of relationships from the perspective of fertility.  The long hair often mirrors the health condition of a girl and correspondingly the fertility.

In my opinion, the point is to have long and beautiful hair, but not to just wear long hair.  Long and beautiful hair is a symbol of beauty and femininity.  In fact, you really need to take special care, from hair-washing to diet to styling, to your hair to let it grow gorgeously

I would like to introduce a traditional Chinese diet therapy for healthy and volume hair. In China, Black Sesame has been historically formulated as a medicine for anti-aging and hair growth; it is also used as an ingredient in daily diet.

Why is Black Sesame recommended as a great food for healthy hair and skin?   Black Sesame has very high concentration of vitamin E which is very well-known as a powerful antioxidant which can boost the cell function against free radical substances, prevent lipid peroxide and eliminate the accumulation of lipofuscin in vivo.  Vitamin E slows down the passing of the aging clock keeping your skin and other organs young.    This wonderful antioxidant can stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and let the skin absorb the nutrients and water you take from the food.

Black sesame eliminates the toxins and rubbish from the intestine to have glowing skin.  It helps relieving and avoiding constipation with the high concentration of fibre, 16.9%.  A regular elimination of blood and intestines can prevent skin problems and give you a beautiful complexion.   Detoxifying blood can be resulted in regular exercise, deep sleep and healthy diet.

For healthy hair, the lecithin and the linoleum acid in Black Sesame nourish the hair roots to grow strong and shiny hair; especially for dark hair, it give a stronger colour to the hair.  The protein from Black Sesame is also an essential element for preventing hair loss and the hair growth.

In Europe, white sesame is more commonly used than black sesame.  However, the density of antioxidants, Polyphenolics, is much higher in Black Sesame and so as the other food with darker skin.  Polyphenolics which could be flavonoids, quercetin and cyanidin is generated through the chemistry of sun exposure of the plant.  It naturally occurs in the outer layer of the skin of a plant when the plant is exposed around the ultraviolet rays of the sun and functions as ‘Sunscreen’ to protect the DNA and substances of the plant.

How to eat Black Sesame?

1. Goji & Black Sesame Museli

Put Goji and black sesame powder into your own muesli.  The dried Goji is very chewing as dried grapes. I will make it for breakfast if I don’t have time to preapre a substantial breakfast.

2. Black Sesame Smoothie

Pour soya milk and put your favourite fruits and black sesame into a mixer.  Don’t strain out the pulp.

3. Black Sesame Cake

Put the Black Sesame Mixture into the cake mixture.

4. Black Sesame Tangyuan

Use Black Sesame powder as the filling of the rice dumlings.  Mix the Black Sesame powder with sugar and any kind of solid vegetable oils.


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