Homemade petite diaphanous purse

Unfortunately I lost my wallet twice in Berlin.  I decided not to buy any wallet or purse, because I cannot tell whether it will be lost again.  Then the idea of making my own purse emerged even though I don’t have a sewing machine.  That means I have to sew by hand. Your hands are the best sewing tool.  You can control it more easily than sewing machine.  However sewing by hand takes much longer time.


The used materials: lace, tiny rose ribbon blossom, zip, a piece of fabric

Materials available in Türkischer markt, Maybacstraße Neukölln

Berlin is a city full of DIYers and has correspondingly lots of craft stores.  There is no one craft centre where you can find all the materials you may need.  The craft shops spread all over the city in flea markets, art houses, chained shopping malls, second-hand shops, fabric stores and hobby shops.

A list od needlework stores and yarn shops in Berlin:  http://worksofhands.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/berlin-germany-needlework-stores-and-yarn-shoppes-incomplete-list/


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